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What if we could collect the enormous levels of kinetic energy from moving vehicles and use it to offset the power requirements of surrounding buildings? Deeply thinking about this question lead to the development of RoadPower which does just that. This is accomplished through methods related to the ways electric vehicles recover their own kinetic energy via regenerative braking. With RoadPower, instead of being returned to the vehicle, the clean electricity generated by the system is given to the local facility, powering its equipment, and reducing operating costs. 

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The Stevens Venture Center (SVC) provides a dynamic, collaborative environment where selected entrepreneurs can develop promising concepts and technologies into thriving businesses. It nurtures Stevens-affiliated entrepreneurs with technology support, opportunities to share best practices and experiences, networking with resources such as legal & accounting experts and investors, as well as education in building a successful business. The SVC provides the infrastructure, resources, training and support to bring entrepreneurial dreams closer to reality.


CEBIP seeks to address many key needs of an early-stage, energy-based technology business. This is particularly critical in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), CEBIP provides access to an unsurpassed team of partners and resources to maximize the prospects for new business ventures.



LaunchR is an annual Rutgers-hosted clean technology startup accelerator funded by the United States Department of Energy. LaunchR is focused on connecting young, budding innovators in the green technology space through mentorship and workshops.

LaunchR is part of the Cleantech University Prize which aims to inspire and equip the next generation of clean energy entrepreneurs and innovators by providing them with competitive funding for business development and commercialization training and other educational opportunities.

Launched in 2015, Cleantech UP builds on its precursor, the DOE National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition, which expanded student engagement in clean energy technologies from 2011 to 2015. Since the competition started, participants have formed more than 200 ventures, created 120+ jobs, and raised more than $120 million in follow-on funding.


The mission of Venture Hacks Launchpad is to redefine entrepreneurial education through an ongoing series of workshops, hackathons and intensive training sessions sponsored by the Stevens Venture Center. 


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For ‘Vehicle-To-Grid’ Startup, All Roads Lead To CEBIP

The wheels are turning: Innovators Ryan McIntosh and Darshan Venkatesh believe they can advance the science of "vehicle-to-grid" electric power generation -- and to prove it, they're taking their kinetic talents to CEBIP. 

Read the article here written by InnovateLI.


Stevens’ Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Provide the Expertise and Perspective Young Companies Need

Ryan the CEO of RoadPower, said that at this stage of his company’s lifecycle, having access to the caliber of advice provided by the EIRs is priceless. “Cecily has been invaluable in giving us perspective, not only into the energy industry, but also into what it takes to  commercialize a product and reach potential customers,” he said.

Read the article here written by the Stevens Venture Center (SVC).