We are looking for 10 facilities to participate in a no-cost, small-scale pilot test of the RoadPower energy system.

RoadPower enables commercial facilities to generate clean electricity using energy recovered from vehicles in motion on their property. This is accomplished through our innovative road-mounted power-generation platform that produces electricity with each passing vehicle.

The first 10 qualified facilities to sign up will receive the following:

  • A free site survey & analysis

  • A no-cost evaluation of site power usage and requirements

  • Free equipment provided for length of pilot program

  • Free project-related design and engineering

  • No-cost project management & coordination

  • Free, non-invasive equipment installation

Fill out the form below to see if your site qualifies.


We are able to offer this fantastic program by leveraging the various grant and funding opportunities available through both public and private organizations focused on supporting the commercialization of innovative technology related to clean energy, sustainability and energy efficiency. Through these arrangements and partnerships we are able to coordinate the subsidization of project costs.


The goals of the pilot program include the following:

  • Generate clean electricity for a facility using its vehicle traffic.

  • Gather real-time energy production data of RoadPower.

  • Demonstrate RoadPower technology value and benefits to facility management team.

  • Display effectiveness, durability and safety of RoadPower solution.

  • Analysis and evaluation of onsite traffic patterns and activity.

  • Determine impact and benefits to the facility for potential follow-on full-scale project.

  • Evaluate site and determine optimal installation sites across the property.


There are a limited number of spots available and applications will be reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis.

Submit the form below now and see if your site qualifies.

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Facility Address
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