RoadPower™ enables commercial and industrial facilities to generate utility-grade electricity onsite using kinetic energy recovered from vehicles in constant motion on their property. RoadPower empowers facility management teams to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, electricity expenses of a facility by offsetting its net energy consumption utilizing vehicle-generated electrical power production on-premise.

During acceleration, automobiles gain enormous levels of kinetic energy. Lots of work goes into getting a vehicle up to speed. Annually, a single vehicle consumes roughly the same energy levels required to electrify five average US homes for an entire year. It's time to start putting this energy to work.  

RoadPower is a kinetic energy recovery & electrical generation (KEREG) system that empowers facilities like shopping malls and retail centers to capture this abundant source of energy safely and efficiently. Once collected, the power is converted into grid-grade electricity that can be immediately put to use on site or sold directly to the local utility grid, generating revenue for the facility.


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