How does RoadPower work?

During acceleration, automobiles gain enormous levels of kinetic energy. Lots of work goes into getting a vehicle up to speed. Annually, a single vehicle consumes roughly the same energy levels required to electrify five average US homes for an entire year. Close to 50% of this energy is lost as heat and friction via braking and deceleration.

This energy can be captured safely and efficiently.

RoadPower is easily installed onto the pavement of a parking lot, entrance road or private roadway. Kinetic energy is collected every time a vehicle drives over a RoadPower unit. Once recovered this power is put to work for you. RoadPower accomplishes this by converting the recovered energy into grid-grade electricity that can be immediately put to use onsite, reducing the operating costs of a facility.


Who is RoadPower™ for?

RoadPower enables commercial and industrial (C&I) facility management teams to significantly reduce, and potentially eliminate, electricity expenses by offsetting the net energy consumption of their facility - via onsite generation of utility-grade electricity - by leveraging the abundant kinetic energy recovered from vehicles in motion around facility roadways and parking lots.


RoadPower is for shopping malls, supermarkets, industrial parks, large complexes, distribution centers & shipping hubs, large campuses & academic facilities, hotel resort & casino facilities, parking garages, expo centers, sports complexes and more..

RoadPower is for forward-thinking organizations interested in long-term, sustainable solutions for their facilities. RoadPower is for smart teams looking to reduce the operating costs of commercial properties and increasing profits, all while offsetting their energy footprint.


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